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Plans Rejected? Help Is Here!

Rejected Plans?  We're here If You Need Us

It happens every day.  

If you have the luxury of time and available staff, no worries.  You can sit down and take as long as it takes researching to figure out exactly what your reviewer is looking for then put it all together and tidy it up.  Turn it in again and if the plan is accepted this time, you finally get to go to work doing what you want to do -- CONSTRUCTION.

Another option is to try to find a template out there on the internet somewhere and then take the time to revise it to your best guess at what the reviewer wants.  You may even be able to find a template you can buy and modify.  Even if you buy the template and modify it, chances are, you will at least get comments back and you will have to modify the plan again to address the comments.  This approach too has the burden of time. 

Who is to say how long this will all actually take but it can be very time consuming and frustrating.  Again, if you have plenty of time (and patience) before you need to get started and you or someone on your staff has plenty of time to address all the issues, chances are, you will eventually succeed.

Of course there is the other scenario. . .  The one where time is money and you need to get the project going.  This is where Plan The Job can help.  We have requests every day for rush plans.  As you may imagine, the rush is a little more investment but the question we often have to ask ourselves is, What will be time and money better spent?  If it is going to cost you money to delay the project while waiting for your plans to get approved, the decision is a no-brainer!  You get someone to prepare the plans for you that prepare these plans all the time. 

You do not have to do any more research; you do not have to take the time to prepare possibly multiple more iterations; and you do not have to waste any more of your valuable time worrying about it. 

Naturally, you want to choose someone who has experience with preparing similar plans and hopefully lots of experience preparing them.  If that is what you want, Plan The Job, Inc. is who you want!  Plan The Job has prepared plans for local, state, and Federal government offices across the country and internationally.  We know what they want and how they want it when it comes to project plans. 

Perhaps most importantly, we can do it on your schedule.  If you need a rush, tell us when you need it and we will do everything we can to make it happen!

Other benefits include:

1.    Plans come from your shop, not ours.  When your client reviews the plans, they have your logo, not ours (unless you want it).

2.    Our plans are turn-key.  We will integrate any or all of your internal company information.  If you want a fresh start, we will prepare the plans with information from our resources and you can make any changes you choose.

3.    WOW Factor:  Our plans come with a built in WOW Factor.  Covers are professionally prepared and the plans are delivered in electronic, secured Adobe™ Portable Document Format (PDF).  The plans are hyperlinked to internal and external reference sources.  Your clients will be impressed!

Bottom line is, it is about YOUR bottom line. If you have plenty of time, you should do it yourself. If you need plans doen right and as quickly as possible, you should request a quote now.