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Our Unique Approach

Getting Plans approved is all about submitting a set of documents that will please your client.  For You - this means pleasing the Plans reviewer.  

For us, this means pleasing YOU: Our experienced writers have seen hundreds of plans approved and know what it takes to get YOUR plans approved.

Plan The Job is defining a new standard for functional, interactive work plans.  Our state of the art, functional plans include (but are not limited to) the following:


Construction Quality Control Plans;

Safety and Health Plans; and

Environmental Protection Plans


We can work with you on many of your other documents and work plans as well to write, edit or just make them more user friendly.

Plan The Job is setting the new standard by preparing plans that are interactive and functional. The documents are written to be both useful and convenient for you and your client. We understand the best plans allow you easy reference to code and requirements, so we have made our plans easy to use.

Plan The Job plans will demonstrate to a client your company's commitment to the environment by developing a system that can be largely paperless. Plans are prepared professionally with custom graphics and/or photos you provide of past projects and your company in action. 

Plans are very specific and detailed. They are tailored to your company, your projects, and your client. Plans are consciously prepared by people with extensive experience with construction management and client relations.