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EPP / EMP: Environmental Plans

The Project Environmental Protection/Management Plan assures that you meet the laws and regulations prescribed by your client and respective governing agencies. This plan is often very challenging because of the stringent evaluation criteria and necessary agency approvals. 

Plan the Job will prepare a customized Project Environmental Plan that will meet the minimum specifications defined in your contract. Our consultants will minimize the burden on you by communicating and responding to your client and applicable regulating agencies for approval while providing you with updates of all correspondence. Plan the Job assures that the laws and regulations set out by your client and governing agencies are properly addressed, thereby minimizing any additional paperwork issues that may otherwise result in additional expense in project delays and possible legal issues.

Plan the Job has been performing environmental oversight for construction projects since the company started in March of 2000. Often times the environmental considerations are far reaching and complex.

Because of our extensive experience with federal, state, and local governments as well as commercial and private sectors, we maintain a vast knowledge of federal regulations as well as many state and local regulations around the country.

The best thing about having worked with so many regulators and regulations, we have found that often they are similar and new wheels often do not need to be invented to resolve many of the challenges often incurred in construction.

Plan the Job has had projects managing environmental requirements and preparing plans for: levee repair and maintenance, sea wall repair, breakwater construction, dredging, road building, airport runway construction, building construction, berth construction, dry dock repair, environmental remediation, and railway, rail port and intermodal terminal construction.

We have prepared comprehensive project and program environmental protection and monitoring plans for very complex projects where many challenges were present. Our project experience includes preparing and implementing comprehensive mitigation monitoring and reporting programs for multi-million dollar projects for marine and airport construction as well as preparing project plans, environmental permit applications, and conducting many negotiations with regulators.

We take much pride in the quality of all of our work and it shows. No jobs are too small. If you need help in developing environmental programs for large construction projects or if you need us to just prepare plans for a specific portion of the work, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free estimate.

Additionally, if you find you need short term site support for safety management, Plan the Job can often support those needs as well.